Monday, 21 January 2013

The return of the creative mojo....


Unfortunatly NOT for block making...but this week I've been inspired by glass jars and hanging hearts!
 All available from HERE and all cheap as chips (almost)
 I couldn't do a quick post without a crochet show and's the latest make - it's a little capelet and matching cowl. And I only made the pattern up my flamin' self!!!
 x fee x
workshop in the snow!


  1. You have a workshop HOUSE all to yourself? Wow...... lucky you!

  2. hi, Nice idea the hearts in jars and a good price too..........youll have to start selling your crochet stuff......or you maybe do already, ali

  3. Oh Fee you are a genius lady! both on the jar front and the crochet front ..... you clever thing you :o)
    All gorgeous and I love your fairytale workshop, how many elves do you have there???
    happy new week sweets
    love jooles xxx

  4. Hurrah, was worrying...and have just bought jar too lovely thank you!

  5. Hello Fee... I love your new jars, what a great idea! And your crochet is sooo clever! Love the snowy picture of your workshop :)
    Keep cosy!
    Helen x

  6. Those jars are absolutely lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. ...phew thank heavens that didn't last long.....jars are beautiful and your workshop looks very inviting in the snow x

  8. Happy to hear your mojo is back! Sweet jars and gorgeous cape & cowl :-)
    Have a great week,

  9. Good evening my dear! You in your workshop, me in my freezing basement where I draw! Hearts, dogs, little girls in blue coats, that is what I am up to these days!

    Have fun! Anita

  10. Gorgeous heart jars and beautiful cape and cowl. I hope your workshop is well heated, it does look so pretty in the snow.
    Anne xx

  11. Knew it was only a matter of time, great for valentines day I reckon. Had a look at crotchet cowl options on NOTHS, def think u should be selling yours, they are ace. I debuted my birthday present yesterday in snow and was great coz also not too long which is always an issue when carrying wilf in his carrier.

  12. Your crochet is fab. Are you selling the pattern? If not you totally should! Or the crocheted cowl. It looks so warm and cozy. Love the colour and think you are very creative.

    Looks like a beautiful snowy picture out there no wonder you are inspired ♥

    Have a beautifully creative day!!!

  13. Your jars are ADORABLE! You talented woman - you! And that cowl? Wish I could just throw something together that fabulous. And lastly - your workshop in the snow. Sigh. You Brits are so darn charming! I can hardly handle the cuteness. xoxo!

  14. Loving that sweet cowl and capelet (awesome to make up the pattern yourself!)and the jars are lovely - you have such brilliant ideas!
    Gill x

  15. Just catching up with everybody.

    The mojo sure returned with style ... love the jars :D

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