Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Gruffalo story stones get an airing....

Despite always looking forward to my boys growing up a bit...I now feel like I long for the days when they were little! (is the grass always greener?)
 I think it might have something to do with my younger brother and sister both having babies but also because my own biggest boy is becoming increasingly 'pre-teen' ish and seeking more and more independance.

I feel like, in his eyes, I've gone from the person who knows everything to the person who knows nothing, literally overnight! How did that happen???

Anyway, I felt it again today while watching Alfie play in a very muddy and 'full body contact' aggressive game of made for hard watching!

Meanwhile, back at home, Cleggy was  photographing something I made for the boys when they were little - some Gruffalo story stones. Like many children across the world The Gruffalo is an absolute all time favourite with our boys (I still know the words verbatim!). 

I painted these (on pebbles we saved from a holiday in Wales) one rainy afternoon for them to 'act out' the story.....

It was lovely to see them again - and most surprisingly, find that they were all together. My boys aren't the best at looking after things - a frequent rant!
They have been played with for years, so lovely and smooth and the images a little worn
and the little mouse is especially tactile...
I'm sure that The Gruffalo book will be around forever - and I hope these stones last a long time too - so my boys can give them to their children, and then, when they are my age, long for the time when their children were young!
fee x
(nice photos Cleggy!)


  1. Wow....these are so lovely!!! You my dear are very talented indeed. Sunday hugs. xoxo

  2. They are fantastic! I am a huge huge Gruffalo fan and seeing these has made my day! I'm currently a student teacher, so will have to make these for the class! Well done you x

  3. Blimey, you paint perfectly. Flipping brilliant.
    We are HUGE Gruffalo fans here too. The Prince has the PJs, the big cuddly version, the two films on DVD, on CD, the hard back book, and we sing "Gruffalo Soldier", I think Bob Marley would approve.
    x x x x


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