Saturday, 22 January 2011

A set of blocks for Wills and Kate!

Yesterday the lovely people at NOTHS asked me to provide some Chipper Nelly wedding blocks for their latest press release.... naturally I was way too excited to be cool about this!
The theme of the 'Look Book' is Spring Weddings so they requested some blocks for William and Kate.

(Does it need to be said that now, in my dreams, Kate is browsing for present ideas (!) and stumbles across said blocks, orders them and tells all her rich princess type friends about the little shop that is Chipper Nelly....)

 Anyway, it reminded me that I really shoud be focusing on wedding products at this time of year (as well as valentines, mothers day, Easter, fathers day, not to mention new babies!)

Speaking of new babies, still no sign of Nelly's baby, which is probably a good job since they can't decide on a boys name. 

Off to join in the family film watching going on in the lounge (Aliens in my attic, followed by Alice in Wonderland....which reminds me, I have some beautiful Alice inspired blocks in mind...) fee x 

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